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Classic music festivals in Eilat

Classic music festivals in Eilat

Eilat is one of the most pluralistic cities in Israel. This quality is manifested in the human mosaic of Eilat's residents as well as the huge variety of culture events and festivals in the southern city. Along with the annual jazz concerts, a new scene is progressively built, a scene of classical music in Eilat. The center of that scene lies in three music festivals, dedicated to the classic genre.

Isrotel ClassiChamber Festival was founded on the year 1998 and was the first Eilati festival dedicated to the genre. The festival is managed by the Israeli gifted conductor, Gil Shochat, and is hosted every year by the Israeli chain of hotels Isrotel. The Isrotel ClassiChamber Festival is not limited to one field only, and keeps a special place for ethnic music (also known as World Music), Chansons and more. The stage is shared by both Israeli artists and international leading musicians.

The Red Sea Classic Festival is celebrating eleven years of activity. It is run by Valery Gergiev, the well known conductor from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The festival which was created from an idea of peace promotion, takes place in every January. Every year, the Red Sea Classic Festival hosts the Marinsky Opera House's stars, as well as the world's best orchestras, choirs and singers.

The third festival, Eilat Chamber Music Festival, was established on the year 2006. The festival is hosted by the Israeli chain of hotels Dan. For a whole week, all the shows and concerts are taking place in the Dan hotels of Eilat. Eilat Chamber Music Festival brings the best of the international artists, who regulary perform in the most prestigious festivals in America and Europe. In addition, there are master classes and students concerts. Leonid Rosenberg, the festival's founder and its artistic director, is the successful manager of Eilat's music conservatory since 1998.